The Dog Listener            
      of Southern California
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What is Dog Listening?

Dog Listening is the positive, kind, and gentle
way of changing our dogs' undesirable behavior
using their own instinctive language.


By listening to the messages our dogs give us,
and successfully communicating with them in a language

they can understand, we can help our dogs learn to
change their behavior of their own free will.

Being direct descendants of wolves, our domesticated dogs possess an ancient and
deep-rooted pack instinct.  The structure of a wolf pack is actually quite similar to that of a human family.  What has traditionally been called the "alpha pair" in the pack is really just the parents (or "breeding pair"), who naturally behave as "leaders" of the pack just as the parents in a human family behave as "leaders" of the family unit.


The foundation for Dog Listening is based on the ways that wolf pack members communicate with each other in order to maintain the structure and integrity of the pack, or family unit.  This integrity is absolutely vital to the survival of the pack as a whole, as well as its individual members, and our dogs possess this same instinct.


The Dog Listening method of training teaches a new way of living with your dog, known as “Amichien Bonding.”  Amichien Bonding was developed by Jan Fennell, and is the result of her extensive study of wolves, wolf packs, and the instinctive language they use to communicate with each other. 

Because Amichien Bonding is based on pack behavior
and the language our dogs instinctively understand,
it works with all dogs and any behavior,
regardless of your dog's age, breed, prior abuse,
aggressive behaviors, or even deafness and blindness.


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